Multi Language Config Files

Simple RPC now (from version 1.4) allows for language detection in Minecraft, so If you decide you wanna play Minecraft in a different language, your discord status can now be shown in that language. But it requires some setup, which is why this page exists.

When launching the game for the first time with 1.4 installed, you will find a new folder called simple-rpc inside your .minecraft folder. This is the folder in which you will place your translated config files.

To create a translated config file, copy simple-rpc.toml from your config folder to the simple-rpc folder. To make sure the mod loads the correct config file, you need to rename the file a bit. The new name of your file will now be simple-rpc_lang_code.toml.

To find a complete list of lang-codes, check out this site ->(

Once you have created this file, you can change all "state", "description", "largeimagetext" and "smallimagetext" fields. You cannot translate the imagekeys!

Some name examples of languages:

  • American English -> "simple-rpc-en_us.toml"
  • Dutch -> "simple-rpc-nl_nl.toml"

Warning: Leave the default config file untouched, as the mod falls back to this file when a translated file cannot be found

(Thanks to Dragon for the original writeup and languages link)