Version 2.2

Bug Fixes:

* Fixed crash on startup when config file is missing
* Fixed crashes when Discord servers are offline


* Config files have been changed to TOML format with detailed comments. No action required
* "discordID" changed to "clientID"
* Default Config files are now code generated, making them less prone to errors
* "debugging" now logs to latest.log instead of debug.log (Some launchers don't have debug.log)
* Hot reload is now much faster and much more accurate

New Stuff:

* Config option to disable the in-game config screen
* In game update notifier (Notifies of new mod releases. Disabled by default)
* Launcher integration -> Read more about this HERE
* %launcher% and %instance% variables -> Works with above change
* Config Editor Utility -> More info HERE

* Supports 1.17
* Supports JAVA 16